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People from India – Antonio Cossa

Starts 20.2.2018
Ends 20.2.2018

19:00 - 22:00

Křižíkova 176/27, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín

20.2.2018 19:00 - 22:00 Křižíkova 176/27, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín

Dear friends, is with a great honor that I would like to invite you to my Lecture on tuesday the 20th called the People from India.

People from India is an antropology project that I developed in the south, North and West of india, includingd Rajasthan
and Tar Desert on the border with Pakistan, the main aim was to descovery the real india . the Beauty, the Culture, the colors, the traditions the believes, religion, habits and costums of the Kalbelias the Naga Sadus and also the mysteries of the River Ganges.

The event will be accompanied by our special guest violinist player .

Good wine and Hot fruit tea to warm up our evening.

Entrance: Free / Donation.

This Lecture makes part of the Project Image and Voice.
Image and Voice is an independent forum established by photojournalist Antonio Cossa in order to reconcile both photography and opinions, creating open debates and granting an opportunity to the public to express themselves and question the panelists.

The forum aims to reflect on current issues of our society such as education, culture, politics and other different shifting challenges we face on our daily life : the current migration crisis, acts of prejudice, travel experiences, etc.

Image and Voice also has the goal to bring together people of various strata of our society, such as diplomats, intellectuals, artists, journalists, students and the general public in order to reflect together upon these issues.

Antonio Cossa Mozambican photojournalist living and work in Czech Republic (Prague). Working for United Photo Press and member on the association of Czech Profecional Photographers APF.
Educated in photo-documentary, literary-journalism and Film.
He’s first photographic project was in 2002 “Makonde tribe” isolated tribe in southern Africa. The project aim was to portray the beauty of the tribe trough their habits and customs such as rituals of initiation, traditional dancing, craft and them stories in order to immortalize the last generation of Makonde tribe in southern Africa.

2004/2007-He worked as a freelancer photographer with Mozambican and International Medias and non-governmental institutions such as UNICEF, British Council.

2008/9- He documented the Faith and pain-pilgrims of Fatima in the North Portugal.

2014- Portraits of the last Holocaust survivors of Auschwitz.

During He’s Career Antonio had the privilege to portray officially many celebrities and public figures such as Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Robert Mugabe, Mike Tyson, Richard Gere, John Travolta, President Václav Havel, Jean Rano ,Willem Dafoe, B.B King, Marilyn Manson, Alan Rickman, Isaach de Bankolé, Harvey Keitel , Marlin Strip Steven Spielberg, Ums Thurman, Steve McCurry and Jeremy Renner.

Currently working on the frontline in the Worst Refugee crisis since second world war.

He started to document the refugee Journey from the Greek island of Lesbos, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austrian Border ,Rohingya crisis in Banngladesh and Myanmar border, Calais known as the jangle, Refugee Camp were the Migrants try hardly to reach the promise land UK.

He’s work has been shown in several galleries and international museums in Granada, Basque Country, Portugal, Goa, Mozambique, German, Italy, Spain, France and Prague.

2010- Museum house of the Infante (Porto)
2013- New York open Galery
2016- Cordoaria Museum (Lisbon)
2014/5/6- Kafka House (Prague photo Festival)
2015- Biennale Internacional de Calabria ( Italy)
2016- National Gallery ( European Press Price)

Antonio Cossa continues to organize lectures in universities and non-government Institutions in order to share the stories and conditions of people who are victims of poverty, injustice and other humanitarian issues.the main aim is to give a voice to those who need and at the same time sensitizing the public on the problems we face in our daily life and Together find solutions through open debates and brainstorming.

2010- Charles University-Ritual Initiation of Makonde Tribe.
2014- University of new York in Prague -Pawer in the Voice.
2015- Instituto Camoes – Faith and Pain/Pilgrims of Fatima .
2016- University Ostrava
2016- Meltingpot- Refugee Crises. (Meltingpot is an International forum which provides a new platform for an exchange of innovative ideas. Where are we going and what are we leaving behind? In politics, economics, science, design, and philosophy.


2016 – CD Cover for the Band “The Odd Gift”

2017- CITY PRIMEVAL – Book project of Photographer and filmmaker Robert Carrithers.

2017- National Gallery – Parallel project with Chines artist Ai Weiwei.


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